Florida Boys – When He Was On The Cross

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When He Was On The Cross by Florida Boys. Members: Buddy Liles, Glen Allred, Les Beasley, Rick Busby, Derrell Stewart, Tim Lovelace. I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget to click the like and share button so others can enjoy. Please leave any comments you might have. They’ll show up after I approve them.

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  1. Denise Jones says:

    God loves us so much how can we ever thank him. Mercy is ours what a wonderful gift of salvation God has given us through his son Jesus. Praise God that while he was on the cross he had us on his mind. I love you Jesus the sweetest name I know.

  2. this is my fav gospel hymn, if you don’t choke up on this one there is something wrong,

  3. Teresa Gryder says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus because I know, you knew me, yet you loved me, andl gave your life for the payment of my sins.

  4. Yes He knew me, yet He loves me. I know He looked 2000 years ahead and knew I would need a Savior.

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