Oldest Living Quartet – Gaither Homecoming

Oldest Living Quartet – Gaither Homecoming. This song is from the “Sweet Sweet Spirit” series.  I don’t know the name of the song. just thought everyone would enjoy listening to it.  Please click the like button so others can enjoy it also. Comments are always encouraged.

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  1. Johnnie McHan says:

    This filled my heart this morning. Some of God’s finest voices gathered together. A true blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. janet Myers says:

    Not sure of the name,but it is referred to as The Radio Song

  3. norma wilborn says:

    You have made my day. I needed a blessing and I got one. Keep doing what you are doing.

    • Lupis says:

      Brian. I completly agree with you! I also like the word you youse: sicevre It is a grreat message for all people who start they adventure with playing music .First come into a being, show what you can do, how you play, how you act. Try to make people remember you (positive).

      • I have a harmony group of five 3 men and 2 ladies ,the mane is GRS singers we sing four part harmony all men arrangements by Gaither vocal band and Erne Hasse our favorites, and we do it for the sick people in Calgary Alberta.

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